Our Story

The idea for the Bear t-shirts was born in late 2020. We wanted to create an exclusive piece of fashion that not only looks good but is also Earth positive and eco-friendly. We’ve designed our products to serve as a reminder of our connection to nature. We choose to use organic, responsible, and recycled materials.

About Us


We are a young company with a passion for creating great looking clothes that are comfortable and suitable for every occasion. We take pride in the quality of all of our products. Our main goal is to deliver UNIQUE designs that match the distinctive character of our clients.

Don't panic it's organic!  We produce all our t-shirts and hoodies from sustainable materials and 100% organic cotton. Bear Tees was born out of a simple yet powerful idea: fashion can be a force for good.

We're proud to be part of the solution to one of the world's most pressing challenges – deforestation. For every order you make with us, we partner with Eden Reforestation to plant a tree. These trees are more than just saplings; they're symbols of hope and a greener tomorrow. They help restore ecosystems, combat climate change, and provide habitat for countless species.

In continuation of our eco-friendly policy and the creation of a sustainable culture towards the protection of nature, our packaging is created from recyclable materials and is biodegradable. Don't worry your order won't come wrapped to the heavens in Plastic.

Shop with us today and let's grow a forest of fashion and hope, one tree at a time.

Peace ✌️ Zlati
Our Philosophy: You either make it perfect or do not start at all.


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